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Provide financial support to tunisians and especially students facing covid-19 related hardship


Support E-learning initiatives with a focus on the most disadvantaged


Support innovative initiatives from young Tunisian entrepreneurs that address covid-19 needs

Tunisia might have won the first battle against COVID-19 but the war is ongoing. Mobilization is needed, now more than ever, to fully defeat this invisible enemy and rebuild our country.

COVID has swept up every corner of the world, imparting with it sickness, death and economic instability. In Tunisia, the government has taken swift decisive actions early on to contain the outbreak and its social and economic ramifications. The financial and public health measures included a curfew and a six-week general lockdown that shuttered all by essential shops and services; and the establishment of a fund of 2.5 billion Tunisian dinars ($860 million) to support businesses and vulnerable populations.

With only five patients in hospitals battling the disease, the country has just entered the third phase of its gradual reopening of the economy. However, the consequences of COVID-19 on Tunisia’s already fragile economy are serious and can be easily exacerbated by the real possibility of another wave of infections. According to the International Monetary Fund’s latest figures, the Tunisian economy is projected to contract by at least 4.5%.